Friday, November 9, 2012

Illegal medication imported to Lebanon

Lebanon’s Parliamentary Health Committee chief, Atef Majdalani, uncovered that more than 100 types of untested non-brand name pharmaceuticals were illegally imported into Lebanon. The Minster of Health, Ali Hassan Khalil said that the drugs were confiscated and were withdrawn.

The question remains: what happened to the four pharmaceutical importers? Where any measures taken?

كشف رئيس لجنة الصحة النائب عاطف مجدلاني عن فضيحة إدخال أدوية مزورة الى لبنان، مشيرا الى أن 4 شركات متورطة في استيراد الأدوية

Photo: Public Domain


  1. Who Knows where these medications are now ??? what are they in the first place ??? We deserve to know ! Maybe we are taking some of them right now !! I think it is outrageous....

    What are the companies who brought them in the first place? Are they still "on the go"? The most important question is now : WHERE IS THE MEDIA WHEN WE NEED IT ??!

  2. I think that them important poroblem that this topic talks about is that now tha the issue is being talked about, nothingn is done to follow up on the people responsible. it is like all things in our country. We find out a problem, our government, this one and the onese before, do nothing to solve the problem. Corruption after corruption. these are criminals and we should do something to catch them and put all in prison!!

  3. Absolument. Le gouvernement doit agir! c'est un crime.