Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gaza's hospital stock running on near empty

Hospitals in Gaza are forced to cancel operations due to lack of medical supplies as the Israeli blockade continues.
Human rights groups in Gaza are urgently requesting that international aid groups and donor groups to intervene and deliver urgent medical aid to Palestinian hospitals in Gaza. Palestinian officials say that Gaza's medicinal stock is nearly empty and is in crisis. This affects first aid care, in addition to all other levels of medical procedures. Adham Abu Salmia, Gaza's Ambulance and Emergency spokesman, says the medical crisis is acute and near catastrophic levels for patients within the health sector of Gaza. If shipment of medicines are not replenished to Gaza stocks in the coming weeks, he says it will worsen.Dr Basim Naim, the minister of health in the de facto government of Gaza, says 178 types of necessary medications are at near zero balance in stock. He says more than 190 types of medicine in stock are either expired or are close to their expiry date, which has forced his administration to postpone several medical operations. According to Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, the shortage in stock represents 50 per cent of the total medicine on the inventory of the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza.

تعاني المراكر الطبية في قطاع غزة نقصا حادا في الادوية بسبب الحصار المفروض عليه منذ سنوات

The sense of justice in human beings all over the world seems to be distorted when there are such injustices happening and the world is silent. How can one be happy when others are suffering.. it is shamefull.. to say the least.

Photo: Hospitals in Gaza are facing a crisis due to shortages of medical supplies [GALLO/GETTY] (from Al Jazzera)