Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where are the Swine Flu Awarness Campaigns?

Several countries in the Arab and the western worlds have prepared leaflet campaigns giving information about swine flu. These leaflets are distributed to the people free of charge. Similarly, public campaigns are taking place in several countries via ads, posters, and through the media.The WHO declared the H1N1 influenza as a pandemic. Lebanon is one of the countries where cases have been reported in the media.The question that arises is the following: where are the awareness campaigns? The people need to know more about the ways that will help them reduce their chances of catching H1N1 and need some advice regarding what should be done should they develop symptoms.Instead of the plethora of ads that are coloring the country in ways that counter the values and tradition of our country, perhaps more effort should be given on behalf of the ministries of education and health to replace such ads with ones that will benefit the people and ensure their safety.
Useful links:
الجائحة لعام (H1N1) 2009: http://www.who.int/csr/disease/swineflu/ar/index.html
.. إنفلونزا الخنازير.. حقائق ومخاوف: http://www.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/8846C3A7-6A1F-4FA6-97F1-0C155EFA93E6.htm
:أسئلة وأجوبة حول فيروس انفلونزا الخنازي:http://arabic.cnn.com/2009/scitech/4/27/swine.flu_qa/index.html
UK, Awarness Campaign leaflets and Sharjah, Educational Campaigns